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Mary i am so happy for you. Boy do i struggle with these same things. I have this bad emotional crutch of eating alot of the wrong things when a certain person a family member makes me upset. My twisted thinking is that eating is the only tning that person cant control in my life, like i do it in spite, and wont lose the weight because i control it. Twisted wrong thinking i am trying to face and deal with. Not easy.
great to hear that you handle it head on and resolved the situation. Inspiring, and i promise myself that when this occurs again, i will take a moment to think about you getting through it with flying colors! Susan lindley

Weighty Matters

Food was never only about meeting nutritional needs to me.   I used it as a crutch, a drug, and in my worst times, as a club with which to beat myself.   Eating huge amounts of food has comforted me and made me feel horrible.  Whenever I was scared, lonely, sad, overwhelmed, tired or happy, I ran to food.  When I wasn’t any of those things, I’d still use food because it was a compulsive habit.

Not using food in any of these ways any more is by turns miraculous, amazing, and somewhat frightening.   Right now, I still think about food a great deal of the time, but the intent is different.  I need to think about food and when to eat so that I meet my nutritional needs at the the right time.  I pre-plan, pack and take what I need, and, as the earlier post said, practice better time management.  When…

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Weighty Matters

My friends and co-workers have started to see the weight loss in my face and body.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since, even though I started out super obese, losing over 45 pounds is a big chunk of weight.  I can feel the loss in some clothes that used to be tight and now fit nicely and others that fit well and are now on the edge of too big.

The biggest difference that I feel is in simple movement — doing my Tai Chi, walking without my heart pounding and my lungs striving to suck in air.  Wlthough I was still a little achy after being on my feet for three hours the other day, my ankles and knees didn’t throb with pain for the rest of the night.  These are all very positive improvements that make me happy.

I just can’t wait until I see the weight…

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